Friday, June 19, 2015

Americans are Ready to Buy Homes Now

 A worker installs a window in a new home under construction at a housing development September 27, 2007 in Richmond, California

Great News!

There has been an increase in the American perception on why it's a good time to buy now. (According to the Wells Fargo's second annual "How America Views Homeownership" survey).

Approximately 72% of Americans are ready to buy a home. This is up from last year by 4% already.  Not only has this topped economist's expectations, but it's also surpassed building permits for home builders since 2007.

"With the Federal Reserve expected to raise rates later this year, the combination of a robust US economy and relatively cheap debt could drive a boom in the housing market next."

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Home Buyers Are Hot on New Construction Homes

In a recent survey conducted by Trulia, home buyers are looking for and prefer new homes over existing ones at a 2-1 ratio.

So what is the definition of "new"?  These are homes that have been just built , never lived in , or homes that were purchased before or during the construction phase.

Here at Distinctive Homes in Las Vegas, we offer exactly what new home buyers are looking for in a new house.  Purchasing a new home over an existing home definitely has it's advantages.  We have been building new homes for over 30 and know what our customers need and expect.  Here are some of the advantages of buying a new home from Distinctive Homes.

  1. Homes are Energy Efficient
Distinctive Homes uses many energy efficient construction materials to help lower your energy bill. We offer some of the highest rated insulation in the home building industry, that is typically not found in older or existing homes.  We also offer solar energy options on all of our new home models.  

     2.  Contemporary Floor Plans

We offer more modern, open floor plans that fit today's modern family.  Features like open-air kitchens, large master bedroom/bathrooms, walk in closets, and larger outdoor areas for entertaining. Having all these features already incorporated can be hard to find in pre-existing homes.

     3.  Have Your House Built Your Way

Options, Options, Options.....Who doesn't want their home built and customized to their needs and taste?  Building a new home gives the owners many customization options from counter tops, light fixtures, bath tubs, paint, appliances, etc.

      4.  No More DIY Weekends

Imagine that, a weekend free for what you and your family would like to do.  New homes are finished and need little to no maintenance at least for the first few years,

These are just some of the many advantages of buying a new home from Distinctive Homes.  Call or visit our showroom for more information on building your dream house today.

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